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2017 Original Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home Automatic Sweeping Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Mobile App Remote Control

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Special Suction Nozzle
Wiping & Absorbing Ground Brush
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Cleaning Route
Planned Type
Bag Or Bagless
Cord Length (m)
Model Number
Power (W)
Sweep Suction
Commodity Type
Robot Vacuums
Ultra Fine Air Filter
Timing Reservation
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Battery Life
2 hours-2 hours and 30 minutes
Dust Storage Type
Dust Box
Virtual Wall
Remote Control

25 Jul 2017
1. Seller: very responsive and nice 2. Package: came in 10 days!, contained all goods as requested, also very nice (strong) packing (no customs etc. - as seller said!) 3. Vacuum cleaner: fantastic - i recommend for all! + APP in English (manual in English!) + easy installation steps + after app & vacuum firmware update vacuum can speak English + vacuuming is nice - vacuum "is scared" of black color on my carpet :) (i heard that wen you cover some sensors with tape it is OK ) Generally: Everything is really nice! I am very satisfied! I recommend for all!

- Anonymous Buyer
22 Jul 2017
I am very happy with this choice! I am using the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner for 4 weeks already and I am satisfied that it is very powerful, and it's cleaning my appartment with less than 60% batery. I had previously a Samsung naviboot who was less powerfull, consuming all it's batery to clean my appartment and taking about twice time to do the same job. When I received the Xiaomi vacuum it took me 4 tries in order to connect via MiHome application but now it's working properly; also within the first 2 weeks the vaccum was "forgetting" some rooms but I think that he was "learning" the apartment and the rooms because now it's working perfect. I really recommend Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and also the shop (My Robot Hub)! Victoria Colombier is the best!! She was very responsive to all my questions (and I had a lot) - no VAT or taxes to Romania and the package arrived within 2 weeks.

- I****a G.
14 Jul 2017
The order is 4.5stars for me. I wish that I didn't receive the DHL tracking number first but after talking with the seller the tracking number changed to UPS as I have paid for. Everything was in package as I have ordered and it was packaged well. Well done seller! As for the vacuum itself: 1. I had some issues with getting the latest firmware installed and then to get the english language pack since it gave me timeouts even though my wireless was fine 2. It can't get over door frames in order to go from room to room 3. If you have a chair in the path of the dock it will try to go through it while also spinning around it to kind of clean it when it wants to return to the dock. As such make sure you remove any obstacles from the dock even 2m from it. 4. It doesn't try to protect the SLAM Calculation sensor, as under the bed it should rotate in order to avoid touching the sensor and it doesn't Overall I recommend the product and the seller.

- A**** S
25 Jul 2017
The product is great, package is strong, fast delivery. This is absolutely perfect seller!

- S********n H.
24 Jul 2017
Firiendly and fast responding seller. Well packed and no taxes paid. Excellent vacuum cleaner! Thanks a bunch!

- W*l L.
22 Jul 2017
Sensational robot vacuum cleaner. with wifi and wireless oiniert (time when installed. makes clean all beautiful. is very quich (table kao) smart software and thanks to its rotation.. the postage for just $300 +. above just for eg + battery power. Saturday orders: wednesday. perfect. In short: i can.

- C****r K.
24 Jul 2017
Good product and seller.Fully satisfied

- Anonymous Buyer
03 Jul 2017
Bought a second one as a present to my brother in law. We scheduled it to work everyday . Since 2 months we stopped vacuum cleaning our house, just wet mopping once in every 15 days. We have two cats with long hair. Their hair was everywhere. Now we live very peacefully :) The seller is really helpful. We paid the custom fee of the second one on the second day of it's arrival, seller sent a message to check if everythingg alright and warning us that our package is stuck on custom services. To the ones who live in Turkey custom fee is %20 of what you pay to seller as TL. There is no way to skip the custom. But %20 is worth to what it does at home... Both robots came in very safe and sturdy packages. We bought 3rd choice with most extra parts. Nothing is missing, every piece is brand new and working. Nothing more to say about robot it does every single thing you watch on it's review and brands commercial videos.

- Anonymous Shopper
29 Jun 2017
2 weeks delivery to Sakhalin and a week in the city-pro sdek everything written .... vacuum cleaner was packed in another box of hard cardboard. nothing rumpled and not hurt. full completeness. asked the seller ????????? gift sticker "orange". the seller immediately responded: "no problem". vacuum cleaner is excellent! there is instruction in Russian. for qr code installed application set up without problems. immediately updated the firmware. Set timer daily cleaning-cat was initially shocked and swore it bad words... now used .. soon apparently, go to... ??????????????? phone works perfectly: the new toy for adults... and also! ???????? operation has not yet happened run-probably should have chinese fresh up. there is recomended schedule, in the application is keeping waste time for cleaning and replacement working parts. in general, the impression after 10 days the program separate, the only positive.

- E****y S.
11 Jul 2017
The robot is top notch and the seller is excellent. Have ????? previous with robots of ????, l, successful ??????? and more ???? lot more but balsa-navigation meaningful (primary, ??????? and hangs well puffer hard ?????? up all other), his lipo intensity favors (the best t but not control from this very), is silent ??????? his ?????? softly for all flat hedy large me. His main ?????? ?????? old reviews were ???? in chinese but ???????, applique em ?????? for english ????? ???? change well up lip of the device own for english. addition, english instructions inscriptions attaching seller. The device arrived within 6 days ???? invitation, is was well packed inside the original packaging ?????? highly recommended.

- Anonymous Buyer
23 Jul 2017
Very satisfied by this vacuum cleaner. 5 stars for the vendor aswell.

- B****n N.
29 Jun 2017
When ordered, I knew what to get, I chose a long. price-quality ratio is excellent. Yesterday put the whole apartment, returned to the base. 4pda downloaded Russified application, long time trying to install without Russified Ruth rights plug at the end left the emulator Russian in the application put english and calmed) today on schedule will get out of the first time) animals a little shocked. not much noise, in the normal range, even much quieter than conventional vacuum cleaner turbo mode. Remove the bed sofa etc-much facilitates the work, with the amount of wool in our house (dog + cat)-all daily mate. Dear seller, all sent as requested-the instruction of the sticker. is not glued, but her husband itching))))

- A**a S.
20 Jul 2017
Very fast shipping (1 week) to Europe and delivered without any extra import duties or taxes. Unfortunately one brush was bend in the box and unusable, but probably a Xiaomi packaging problem rather than the seller. Recommend to order with extra brushes.

- Anonymous Shopper
20 Jul 2017
After half an hour it work ????????????? opening, I wondered: how I lived without it?))) excellent! I would recommend the product and seller! in my region delivery was one of the record for speed. sdek-well done!

- Anonymous Buyer
21 Jul 2017
Good vacuum cleaner the first time such use. the power small penny does not pull, in general, resorts well.

- A**** S
25 Jun 2017
Without doubt A great investment. came to Home very fast, without any problem NEITHER about COST of custom houses (sent with Ups). the robot Is best even than it expected. at first a poco confusing because This in Chinese But searching a poco on the internet can be Put on the application completely in Spanish. the suction power Is very good and doesn't leave any area without wipe off, Is EVERYTHING a show see it. the only thing to have in tally Is not let you items that can be swallowed By the SOIL and leave las cleared areas To so you can to work better. does not disappoint, I would buy without hesitation. By Put on A PEGA, the seller CONTROL Sticker incorrect, But Is SOMETHING unimportant.

- A**** S
20 Jul 2017
Great seller. This is my second Mi robot I'm buying from her. (it's for my brother ) very fast shipping.

- A**** S
21 Jul 2017

- Z**a S.
13 Jul 2017
Has been slow in coming just 2 weeks, no customs charges, a 10 To the seller who addition attached a set of STICKERS To customizarlo and protect it. with respect to the robot las first Print are very Good, You can make de especially with it. i will buy another and this same seller.

- M*****o P.
02 Jul 2017
Highly recomnend seller, and product. Wery fast shiping, faster than air shiping. Best of all: NO TAX to Hungary! :-) A keresked?t Ajánlom, és a terméket! Magas min?ség, alapos, szisztematikus porszívózás. Hollandiában érkezik EU-ba less, ahol átalány vámolják, azaz humidity a esetleg egyedi vámeljáráson + ÁFA... esik át. Magyarán nincs plusz költség. (Ez moisture minden keresked?nél lehet így) Idehaza pont dupla ennyibe kerül.

- L****o S.


 Shipment Tips 

 To avoid custom tax, we kindly recommand UPS express or "Seller's Shipping Method" for most European Countries.  



 Beyond Expections 

English/ Spanish/ Russian manual and free film are gifts added in the parcel, EU/AU/US cable are optional, please list your preferences.

film options


 On Warranty 
We provide 4-year warranty for the robot since received date, we will send you free parts against verified manufacture faulty, buyers please replace the part, while if it is artificially damaged, you need to share some amount.


 Brief Introduction 

We are glad to present the debut robot vacuum cleaner from XIAOMI with Unique Features and Fabulous Design. Based on MI brand comprehensive background in technology field, XIAOMI robot did rock the market even before launching. You may wonder how MI Robot works after integrated with so many advanced technologies, such as LDS Detection, 3 Dedicated Chips, SLAM Calculation, 1800Pa Suction, 5200mAh Battery etc. It is real planned robot, firstly collects data and builds a map, then divides cleaning area and plans its path, finally cleans divided area one by one. 


 As Smart as Human 

1. Concise Perception by Multiple Sensors

2. Advanced SLAM Calculation Method

3. Automatic Cleaning by Planned Path

4. Automatic Return to Charger Station

5. Coverage Memorable after Interrupted


 So Powerful So Vigorous 

1. 1800Pa Suction Blower

2. 1350RPM Fast Running Agitator

3. 5200mAh Lithium Battery

4. Edge Cleaning 10mm Close


 Be Considerate Be Professional 

1. Combination of Art & Tech

2. Side Brush Speed Auto Shift

3. Mobile App Remote Control

4. Virtual Wall for Isolated Area

5. Long Life Span Guaranteed

 Basic Features as Robot Cleaner 

1. 100~240V Input Voltage Matches Most Home Aplliance Standard

2. Barrier-Cross and Climbing Ability for Max 15mm height & 15 degree

3. Anti-Collision Detection to Protect the Robot Itself and Furniture

4. Anti-falling Detection and Turning Back In Front of 8cm Height Cliff

5. Tri-axis Gyroscope Accelerator to Grasp its Moving Attitude


 Illustrated Discription 

Yes, That is MI(me), a Super Robot Vacuum Cleaner



All Angle Perception by Multiple Sensors

MI robot is integrated with various sensors, like LDS, Wall Sensor, Dustbin Sensor, Collision Sensor, Radar Sensor, Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerator, Cliff Sensor, Dropping Sensor, Distance Odometer and Blower Speedometer. These sensors are dedicated to collect all the datas for mapping and route planning.


Concise Detection on Room Dimension

MI robot scan its surroundings by full angle 5 times per second, measures the distance 1000 times per second, its detection covers up to 6 meter range within 2% deviation.


Three Dedicated Processors

MI robot adopts three dedicated processors from top-branded vendors, each one independently calculates and cooperates together jointly.


Advanced SLAM Calculation

MI robot cleaner uses the most advanced SLAM calculation which applied in Unmaned VUA and cars, then lively draws map and positions itself.


Thorough Cleaning with Planned Path

Based on SLAM calculation, MI robot firstly cleans edge of room, then covers the main area by "S" path. 


Auto Return to Charger Station

After cleaning task finished or before battery exhausted, MI will automatically return to charger station via a shortest route.


Coverage Memorable after Interrupted

The robot will continue cleaning on unfinished area from last spot after coming back from charger station.



1800Pa Ultra Strong Suction

It adopts NIDEC brushless blower that provides vigorous suction of 1800Pa, which easily vacuums all dirts and trash at low noise.



1350RPM Fast Running Agitator Brush

The agitator brush runs so fast up to 1350RPM, closely adhering to floor surface even not that flat, which maintains good suction and beats intensively for dirts collection.


5200mAh Lithium Big Battery

Its battery 5200mAh can work for 2.5 hours after full charged, which is sufficient to clean a big house, meanwhile battery life span is more than 2 years.


Edge Cleaning 10mm Close

During edge cleaning, MI robot keeps 10 mm along with wall, plus its fast running side brush, it easily wipes out dust from corner and nook.



Cobination of Art and Technology

There is no exaggeration that MI robot cleaner is the combination of art and technology judging from its appearance and configuration, which looks so fabulous but works also dynamic.


Side Brush Speed Auto Shift

When it cleans the edge of room, its side brush runs at maximum speed 330 RPM to dig out all dirts from corner, while for main area by "S" path, it decreases to 130RPM without blowing up dust.


Mobile App Remote Control

MI robot cleaning processing lively displays on MIJIA app, meanwhile, we can operate it via app on matter we are at home or outside.


Virtual Wall for Isolated Space

We can isolate those area of unwanted cleaning with virtual wall of magnetic stripes (magnetic stripes excluded in package, please order it seperately).


Long Life Span Guaranteed by Tough Tests

Before launching the products, we have been testing all aspects of the robot to make sure MI robot can serve you for a long time without complaints. 


Below data is the Parameter for MI robot


Diagram for Indication and Operation on the robot

Charger Station and Accessory List

Live Pictures


  About Shipment  

1. The items will be shipped to order address in 24~72 hours after payment received. 

2. We will send the products by Express Line, tracking No. will be provided very fast.

3. For less tax, we will default it as gift value below 40USD before specially informed. 

4. If the parcel is stuck at the custom, you/buyers please deal with custom clearance.


  About Warranty  

1. All of our items are assured to be branded new and we offer 4 years of warranty. 

2. During warranty period, if any quality problem, please send picture or video for us to verify.

3. For confirmed manufacture faulty, we will send replacement parts free of charge and freight.

4. You are kindly suggested to clean the robot cleaners termly so as to extend its life range.


  Doubts and Reply  

Q: If the working voltage is for my country?   

A: For our Robot vacuum cleaner, our models can charge with 100~240 V, so it should work in the most countries of the world.


Q: If the plug works in my country?

A: We could provide you the free Converter if the round Euro plug or Australia Plug or England Plug is required in your country(Defaulted 2 Flat Pin For America). Please leave us a message when you confirm the order.


Q: What should I do if I cannot receive my item?

A: Please contact us as soon as possible if you cannot receive you item within the delivery time.We will track it for you and solve for you at the first time.


  Feedback Expected  

- Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important to us.  Please leave positive feedback and 5 stars if you are satisfied with our items and services.

- If you have any problems with our items or services, please feel free to contact us first before you leave negative feedback.  We will do our best to solve any problems.


  About MY ROBOT HUB  

MY ROBOT HUB is a platform with intelligent robot products at premium standard, which is dedicated to creating more values and five better services for customers. Our mission is to spread smart robot products to more family to kill off tedious housework, so that you can spare more time for funs and health, enjoying a brilliant life.



Shipping CompanyShipping CostEstimated Delivery Time
DHL3 - 7 days
UPS Expedited3 - 7 days
EMS5 - 14 days
Post Air MailFree Shipping15 - 45 days
Return PolicyIf the product you receive is not as described or low quality, the seller promises that you may return it before order completion (when you click "Confirm Order Received" or exceed confirmation timeframe) and receive a full refund. The return shipping fee will be paid by you. Or, you can choose to keep the product and agree the refund amount directly with the seller.

N.B.: If the seller provides the "Longer Protection" service on this product, you may ask for refund up to 15 days after order completion.
Seller ServiceOn-time DeliveryIf you do not receive your purchase within 60 days, you can ask for a full refund before order completion (when you click "Confirm Order Received" or exceed confirmation timeframe).

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