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ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 1000PA Power Suction for Thin Carpet

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Bag Or Bagless
Cord Length (m)
Commodity Type
Sweeping Machine
Power (W)
Cleaning Route
Random Type
Brand Name
Model Number
Timing Reservation
Battery Life
2 hours-2 hours and 30 minutes
Special Suction Nozzle
Clean Cyclone Dust Collection Nozzle
Virtual Wall
Voltage (V)
Remote Control
Dust Storage Type
Dust Box/Dust Bucket
Iron grey
Net weight
Dust box volume
Suction strength
Cleaning mode
Auto/border/spot/time schedule/Max mode/Miniroom mode
A4s Intelligent Sweeping Robot
Detection system
OBS all floor detection system
Filter net
Primary + efficient HEPA filter net

25 Jul 2017
I was the first robot vacuum cleaner there is nothing to compare with, but that does not stop my delight. for it is the real amount in the 9300 i got the ability to get rid of ????????? work. home carpets black forever moulting spaniel, chinchilla, two children and husband. had to vacuum almost every day especially because of the wool, once a week-handmade carpet cleaning, for the trash clogs the bends. now, leaving only the manual cleaning and washing wool and almost no I go barefoot.

- A**** S
24 Jul 2017
Super fast delivery in 3 days by courier. robot works well sweeps up lots of fine dust (which I even didn't know was there). makes it to get up onto a shaggy carpet. it's way of moving is rather random though and despite "having" a no tangling sensor(?) it managed to get caught in cables behind sofa and TV stand. you need to prepare the space before you let him go. but does the job well flat looks cleaner, no crumbs that kids leave everywhere any more - all done when I am out of the house :) received the box with extra sets of "whiskers" and hepatitis filters. thank you !! *****

- Anonymous Shopper
14 Jul 2017
I took for wood and linoleum, carpet almost no, successfully, when running through the day at home was noticeably cleaner. Not to say that much intelligent machine by the end of the vacuum cleaner with remote ???????? missed the space. There are 3 modes: perimeter (well sweeps away the dust from the skirting and corners), stains and ????????? cleaning. mats sills taken easily through time the he even at high threshold of the kitchen, height 4sm. Base finds itself correctly, if in the process cleaning sat-going be recharged. In the box were spare front brush, brush for cleaning and replacement filter. Only thing that is not very pleased-it's delivery. fast, but sending sms came empty fields about delivery time and tel courier. later I was able to find online parcel turned out that does not specified in the order iml express, and some a1 express. As a result, parcel was delivered successfully. As a summary: excellent vacuum cleaner with debris and cat hair to cope perfectly well, I can recommend to buy.

- K*****a G.
14 Jul 2017
Ordered on sale 29.06.2017g on the shares for 9640,63 rubles. courier iml delivered today, 05.07.2017g in St. Petersburg. packed robot vacuum cleaner in two cardboard boxes. one transport, sealed with tape. the second box ??????????? cardboard with professional printing. sealed packaging factory tape. Included: vacuum cleaner charging station, power supply remote control with two batteries, two spare working brushes hepa-??????, Brush for manual cleaning cleaner brief instruction in several languages (Russian), detailed instruction in English. as well as a gift goes the extra box with four spare working brushes replacement main brush spare hepa filter. no Russian language does not bother, but the warranty card. brief instructions set charging station and put the vacuum cleaner for charging. after a full charge'll test.

- M*****l A.
24 Jul 2017

- A*** B
14 Jul 2017
??????? thing! it is not a vacuum cleaner, a new member of the family! it's such mils))) as we lived without it before? In the apartment no carpet only the laminate. at first glance floor clean but after the operation of our small friend he collected almost full container! where his mother so much dirt? I had vacuum cleaner cyclone ??????????? us more from ????????. neighbors constantly ???????? police when i ??????????? hour night began to clean... see im too noisy! everything is now can sleep! ?????? very quiet. when I go to bed turn it on I even think he specifically another quieter begins to clean. Delivery to Kemerovo took 5 days!!! the box in perfect condition!!! I want to say thank you Chinese engineers for such a useful friend!

- Anonymous Buyer
14 Jul 2017
Start with the fact that a very long time choose which model to buy. settled on this model for the reason that the model is primarily intended for carpet. thank you for the gift. though the action as it was said over. but still very grateful for such a surprise. first 3 minutes after the usual found immediately cleaner dust and hair. first impression is very positive. well sucks quiet in relation with conventional ??????????. the base. not quite understand the perimeter as circled only on the perimeter and side step. I'll deal. I advise prodovtsa. just this model one carpet.

- M******d K.
14 Jul 2017
House dog (labrador) and the child. of course garbage and wool full. tired of every day vacuuming manually decided to buy the robot-assistant. Choose between this vacuum cleaner and V3S. V3S liked not only white color. ?4s vacuuming fine, especially the turbo mode. but the wool is wound on the brush. every time to clean it good removed it very easily. and even some ambush with dust collector. I pull it from the vacuum cleaner the piece of garbage poured on the floor. Seller to deliver the goods for 10 days prior to the door.

- I**n S.
16 Jul 2017
The order from a warehouse in Moscow, Orders are processed only on day 5. delivered in 7 days by courier. Like a vacuum cleaner. it does not replace the complete cleaning, but clean daily dust and hair from the cat was very easy. The room card builds and moves the vacuum cleaner is not the one he known algorithm, the best Lock it in every room in 30 minutes. Dust collects a lot. container is too small need to clean after each room. The t. p. an excellent choice.

- K****l M.
20 Jul 2017
Vacuum cleaner is good! I bought based on the reviews!!! who still doubt-do not take!!!! passed all the corners allegedly clean floors scored a lot of dust and hair!!!!! but did not want to vacuum dark carpet only light areas carpet rolls, dark stripes perceives the edge and through them is not moved! but the deal with it, seal it drop white plaster sensors, now the carpet rides only!!! About the delivery is another story. 3 days lain in stock in Moscow, then they sent him ...... on a tour of Russia. thanks to mail Russia it went everywhere from Moscow to the most to fringe!!! I just looked much further drove my vacuum cleaner!!!. an extra bag with spare brushes come in 2 weeks faster .... but as they say the seller claims the vacuum cleaner there is no!!! mail Russia taxis!!!!! and if you are not big city, and the parcel you will mail please to ready to adventure cleaner in Russia!!!!!!

- O**a S.
14 Jul 2017
June 30 ordered, July 5, was sent July 11 vacuum cleaner was already in Yaroslavl, home delivery. bought for 9334 rubles. the packaging is complete, no damage. the vacuum cleaner is very good! ???????! crawling all the rooms chaotic but ????????? at all angles. the gray mat in the hallway call freely with small ????????? copes. quiet. cat wool thread crumbs copes with a bang. recommend and vacuum cleaner and seller. as discounts will take one more gift. thank you.

- L****d S.
14 Jul 2017
Excellent Purchase, the robot american clean as it should be hasta now not I have Complaint some of the product. also the seller sent a gift they are PARTS To my A4S. very fast By DHL Shipping. the only detail that the customs of my country charged Taxes although it was More expensive was the service DHL By the process in customs, pay about $30 usd extra. suggestion To shipments to Mexico than the value of the BILL to be $50 usd To to avoid customs. thank you.

- F******o G.
17 Jul 2017
Delivery to Bryansk 7 days. courier called time and place. brought straight to work. the packaging is complete. vacuum cleaner works. It copes with its task. not noisy, you can use doge when all the houses. I used when everything goes to work. programmed time. turns on itself, vacuum cleaner is no one at home and returns to the base. I recommend goods.

- Anonymous Shopper
18 Jul 2017
Vacuum cleaner is excellent, but the seller ????????. a month after receiving the order (conducted test cleaner) stopped working right brush. after the exchange of letters like came to (mutual) that it is necessary to change the motor brushes. I offered to send motor or compensation money but I buy and put the engine. opened dispute. the seller included Durkee and aliekspress it back, although there were evidence on my part. no compensation or motor. but we are Russian and not used to draw back-repaired and vacuum cleaner works and makes us happy.

- B*****n S.
22 Jul 2017
First came gift box-4 with replaceable brush and 2 ??????. the vacuum cleaner was carrying a firm iml. fast, without the lost time like, for example, u spsr. vacuum cleaner is cool. the carpet. ????????? after vacuuming cleaning with a normal. kid nasobiral much more. Long hair is wound on a round brush. periodically need to remove them while cleaning. ????????? fluff and collects dust into the container. ????????? in the same room through the day, nasobiral again! well done.)) only unattended often gets stuck Squeaks on and off. it is necessary to prepare the premise: remove the wires socks and etc. away from the room stool, t. k. it can poke in the legs and disconnect-stuck type. very happy. thank you.

- D*****i V.
14 Jul 2017
Very quiet, dokladny, starczy battery for approx 3 h driving, additionally, the dolaczone several kompletow brushes. Porownujac with roomba is delikatniejszy in jezdzie, not taranuje all przeszkod and better radzi wearing in wyjezdzaniem with tight places and odklinowaniem sie of these too low. whereas Slabiej is pokonywaniem przeszkod as front bumper (but give trick, choc impetem not with such as roomba). wonderfully collects cat fur and zwirek with litter. with rozsypana dry food radzi tez wearing.

- M*****a O.
24 Jul 2017
I love this vacuum :)

- A*** B
11 Jul 2017
For my 9 kopecks thousand rubles a great toy. Iml taken for 4 days (ordered on Thursday late Sunday night sending item shipment), but did not wait until the promised gift package There is no instruction in Russian, but not a problem to find on the Internet. and did the first run at the pictures and the English version. the first launch worked for 1.5 hours with the included "max" and crawled on charging (4 times-4 times returned the charge itself though ????????). algorithm ?????????? does not shine, but when you start 3-4 times a week at home was noticeably cleaner. carpet medium nap chic option. the carpet is climbing easily. does not see the dark brown table book-cuts; ??????? same color see and laminate too. No schedule on the day of the week-a minus. The question remains as it "live" Total: the money thing is. the time between ???????? big vacuuming cleaning-good helper. ordered a second mother with ??????

- A******r S.
12 Jul 2017
I finally was able to pick up my miracle technique! Orders processed 4 days I read that many have already after 4 days it home received I just after 18 days... iml service sent vacuum cleaner mail Russia the other recipient's name (surname was specified correctly) because of what I had trouble getting. I had to write a bunch of calls: the seller iml service, on the website-mail Russia week nerves iml wrote a request to the post about changing the name, after that i could only get my a coveted parcel. so before ordering once again ask the seller your name, because reading the reviews, I realized that this problem is not just me! now about the vacuum cleaner it is cool, easy to connect, set, and already checked, although the charge was only enough for a half a minute turbo mode, but the dust still find it failed, so everything works!!! it is charging then will check in full force.

- A***a S.
14 Jul 2017
????? super. for a long time about it read watched the reviews, I chose, and finally decided to buy. quality workmanship and material on top. special took it and not 7pro, because he 3 brushes and capacity is larger. 1,5 the apartment nasobiral almost as stationary vacuum cleaner. and by the way, a gift from the seller came to me immediately with a vacuum cleaner, thanks to the seller. really one of the best purchases.

- D****i K.







Package Contents:

ILIFE A4s robot vacuum cleaner x1,User manual x1,remote control x1, HEPA filter x1, sides brush x1,cleaning brush x1,AC adapter x1, Charging dock x1




Q: Why you choose ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaner?

A: ILFE is a professional manufacture for the robotic vacuum cleaner,we have a nearly a decade of experience for robot production ,our vacuum robot is more useful and more cheaper,In the future,we hope every family will have a ILIFE Robot.


Q: Who will be afford the customs fee or VAT fee or other import fee in my country?

A: Usually the courier company will do the customs clearance, we will declare the product value depend on the product  on the invoice which you bought ,so that to avoid the customs fee/VAT/Duty fee for you, but if the parcel is stuck at the customs,It will be you/buyer who are responsible for the customs clearance and pay the required fee. Our product cost only includes the product cost and freight cost. All the internet stores do the same way. Please contact us freely if you need any detail or need any other value shown on the invoice.


Q: If the cleaning robot working voltage is for my country?

A: For our Robotic vacuum cleaner ,our product can work with 100~240VAC  so it should work in the most countries of the world. 


Q: If the plug works in my country?

A: We could provide you the Plug you want, just leave us a message that which plus do you want or We could Provide you a Convertor Adapter Socket


Q: What can not find my country in the choosing shipment method?

A: The weight of whole package is above the 2KG,so It can’t shipped by the normal Post office,Please contact us about your country freight fee before you buy this.


LIFE Innovation Co.,ltd ILIFE is the sole authorized seller of authentic ILIFE products on Aliexpress. We are an OEM/ODM manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

We are focused on intelligent robot vacuum cleaners (vacuuming,sweeping and washing robots).

With a strong team, we independently develop our products from ID design, hardware, and software to mechanical housing. Every year at least 3 new models will be launched.

With general 15,000 square-meters manufacturing base, the molding, PCBA mounting and finished goods assembly are done in home. Monthly capacity could reach up to 80k pcs.

 We always devote ourselves to meet customer’s OEM/ODM demands and to create more value for customer.


1. All of our items are assured to be brand new and carried with fully at least 12 months warranty.

2. During warranty period, if any problem happens due to quality reason ,please be cooperative to take photo or videos on the problem and send it to us for verifying.

3.For confirmed product faulty on your approval ,we can send you replacement parts for free,we will afford the shipping charge within 12 months


Please Leave a 5 star positive feedback ,You sastifaction is our motivation to move further,If you have any Problem ,please do not hesitate to contact us,give us the opportunity to resolve it ,we will serve you till you are satisfied.

· The Robot can't be shipped to Canary Islands,if your address belong to Canary Islands,Please don't make an order!


Shipping CompanyShipping CostEstimated Delivery Time
DHL3 - 7 days
UPS Expedited3 - 7 days
EMS5 - 14 days
Post Air MailFree Shipping15 - 45 days
Return PolicyIf the product you receive is not as described or low quality, the seller promises that you may return it before order completion (when you click "Confirm Order Received" or exceed confirmation timeframe) and receive a full refund. The return shipping fee will be paid by you. Or, you can choose to keep the product and agree the refund amount directly with the seller.

N.B.: If the seller provides the "Longer Protection" service on this product, you may ask for refund up to 15 days after order completion.
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